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We provide impactful thought leaders and speakers to help you inspire, educate, and motivate others

Inspire, educate, and motivate your organization.

Living and working with a focus on leadership, culture, and purpose can transform organizations and individuals anywhere to unleash their full potential. Our speakers show how you and your team can become more inspired, impactful, and fulfilled to create a competitive advantage of culture where greatness can be the catalyst for grow.

“The greatest measure of purpose is who we help others become" 
- Davin Salvagno

PurposePoint Speakers

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Davin Salvagno

Founder of PurposePoint,

Kurt David

Co-Founder PurposePoint, Author,
Emmy Award Winner

Paul Epstein

Chief Impact Officer of PurposePoint,
Bestselling Author

Dr. Amber Selking

Founder, Selking Performance Group,

April Hansen

Group President, Workforce Solutions,
Aya Healthcare

Chester Elton

Bestselling Author,
Gratitude Keynote Speaker

Sam Thevanayagam

President and CEO at Parts Life, DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers

Joe Colavito

Thought Leader and Co-Founder,

Jake Brown

EVP, Element5 Digital,
‍TEDx Speaker

Coryne Forest

Chief Learning Officer,

Kim Peterson Stone

Founder of Linkability Inc.,
Social Media Strategist

Mark Ostach

Digital Wellness Expert,

Steve Lowisz

CEO, Qualigence
Author, TEDx Speaker

Shelly Rood

Founder | Mission:Ambition
"Others over Self"

Austin Hatch

"Overcome it"
2x Plane Crash Survivor

Chris Steely

Founder, GPS Business Group

Doug "Odie" Slocum

Brigadier General (retired)

Kim Kassner

Founder, Empowermind

Jonathan Seller

CEO, SecondTri Media

Dr. Josh Wymore

Founder, Wymore Consulting

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Most Popular Keynotes

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The Power of Purpose

Purpose, People, Potential, and Performance. This keynote discusses the impact of each of these critical words individually and organizationally, and how to use them effectively to drive growth and impact.


The Power of Playing Offense

Playing Offense transforms managers into leaders, dreamers into doers and defensive decisions into offensive power plays. But first, it’s about becoming the kind of leader you would be inspired to follow. It’s about finding yourWhy, and the thrilling feeling of being alive that comes from taking action and embracing the journey.


The Most Important Questions

What questions must leaders ask to in order to deliver maximum impact? This keynote discusses the most important questions organizations must ask themselves to engage their people, drive performance, and deliver on their purpose,


Talent Currency shift

In 2018 the currency of the workforce changed, and years later, organizations are still trying to adjust to connect with the next generation of talent in the marketplace. This keynote discusses how the currency of work has changed, and what organizations can do to individually connect with the different generations of talent in their workforce.

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  • Engage with a framework on how to align your Head, Heart, and Hands so you can lead your business, and life, ON PURPOSE

  • Recognize how the power of values can become the catalyst for your daily actions and contributions, driven by the impact you are destined to have

  • Understand how to make more courageous decisions that are aligned with your purpose by conquering your mindset and igniting your passion

  • Hear the ROI of Purpose from the largest research study of purpose at work, connecting purpose to bottom-line productivity and performance

  • Learn a process to reveal your core identity:know who you are, how you think, how you show up, and WHY you do what you do

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